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Same Device Replacement

Our policy is simple. If we can’t fix your mobile device, we’ll send you a replacement of the same model. You won’t get an older model or a device with fewer features. And you won’t wait forever, either. We’ll locate a same-model replacement and have a shipping notification to you by 2pm EST the next day (if you file a claim before 2pm EST). Then, send us your broken device...more

ID Theft Restoration

Mobile Rhino also offers comprehensive identity management service, including:

  • Expert fraud resolution for identity theft victims
  • Document recovery services
  • Online news alerts and education
  • ...and much more

Personal Privacy

Mobile Rhino protects your privacy and keeps you informed in case anyone uses your identity or other personal information. In addition, Mobile Rhino provides a credential vault so you can access your critical records anytime, anyplace...more


Breach Victim Remediation

Professional response and identity theft recovery services for up to 100,000 affected consumers - at NO additional cost. Other, more costly plans charge extra for breach victim remediation....more