Mobile Rhino for Education Making the grade with mobile devices.

A New School of Thought

Technology is becoming an essential part of today’s classroom.

Flipped classrooms. Digital textbooks. Interactive apps.

The 1.5 million+ iPads being used in U.S. classrooms each day are creating new ways of learning. That makes students more connected to their studies than ever before -- both in and out of the classroom.

In the Principal’s Office

Lending iPads to students is a big cost for schools and a big responsibility for parents. Administrators need a way to protect their investment. Parents need a way to limit their liability if a device is lost, stolen or broken and avoid paying hundreds of dollars for a replacement.

A+ for Mobile Rhino

Mobile Rhino is true iPad insurance for students that’s available through licensed insurance agents. And it’s made with education in mind, offering both K-12 iPad insurance and iPad insurance for higher education.

Mobile Rhino gives schools and administrators full 6-Point Protection for their mobile devices, including

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Mechanical Malfunctions
  • Electrical Malfunctions
  • Digital Life - including personal privacy monitoring and ID theft protection.

Interested in learning more about Mobile Rhino?

For schools, Mobile Rhino...

  • offers a complete 6-Point Protection Plan for mobile devices.

    Mobile Rhino is more than just a warranty or simple service contract. It’s a true iPad insurance policy for schools that protects against loss, theft, accidental damage, mechanical malfunctions, electrical malfunctions, and digital life threats.

  • can verify coverage of every school-owned device.

    Mobile Rhino solves the Coverage Verification Problem for schools. Administrators can oversee the coverage of every unit from a central online portal, making it easy to ensure that families are buying coverage to protect their devices.

  • keeps costs low and protection high.

    No other mobile device protection plan covers all that Mobile Rhino does at the cost Mobile Rhino offers. Plus, Mobile Rhino offers special pricing for schools to drive down the costs for parents.

  • won’t leave students empty handed.

    After a claim is made through the Mobile Rhino website, Mobile Rhino guarantees that a replacement device will be delivered within 24 hours. Students won’t be without their favorite study tool for long.

  • is industry backed.

    Mobile Rhino is the first full-coverage mobile device insurance product available for sale through licensed insurance agents. And we’re backed by some of the most reliable names in the industry, including Chartis/AIG and Sedgwick.