Mobile Rhino for Healthcare The doctor is in - and so is his iPad.

A Prescription for Technology

iPads are taking over medical practices as the newest tool for treatment, training, therapy and more. In a world where communication and coordination are crucial, this means quicker responses and a more streamlined office experience.

Risky Side Effects

If left unprotected, mobile devices pose a huge risk for your healthcare organization

HIPAA regulations.
Increased scrutiny about mobile security.
Worries about patient privacy.

All these make protecting medical information on mobile devices a must. Without protection, instances of damage, loss or theft could be disastrous.

Take Care with Mobile Rhino

Mobile Rhino is the first true iPad insurance for hospitals that’s available through licensed insurance agents. And it’s made with patients and physicians in mind.

Mobile Rhino gives physicians and other healthcare professionals full 6-Point Protection for their mobile devices, including:

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Mechanical Malfunctions
  • Electrical Malfunctions
  • Digital Life - including personal privacy monitoring, ID theft protection, and breach victim remediation for up to 100,000 individuals, like patients.

Interested in learning more about Mobile Rhino?

For Healthcare Users, Mobile Rhino...

  • offers a complete 6-Point Protection Plan for mobile devices.

    Mobile Rhino is more than just a warranty or simple service contract. It’s a true iPad insurance policy for hospitals that protects against loss, theft, accidental damage, mechanical malfunctions, electrical malfunctions, and digital life threats.

  • offers breach remediation.

    Mobile Rhino’s personalized breach remediation service protects doctors, hospitals and administrators in the event of device loss or theft. Healthcare providers and businesses are subject to state by state cyber-security laws, and Mobile Rhino is a great risk management tool.

  • can verify coverage of every owned device.

    Mobile Rhino makes it easy for hospitals and medical offices to verify coverage of the mobile devices they own and have given to employees.

  • keeps the costs low and the protection high.

    No other mobile device protection plan covers all that Mobile Rhino does at the cost Mobile Rhino offers. Plus, Mobile Rhino offers special business pricing for healthcare groups.

  • won’t leave physicians and caregivers empty handed.

    After a claim is made through the Mobile Rhino website, Mobile Rhino guarantees that a replacement device will be delivered within 24 hours. We can’t live without our devices. We won’t make our customers, either.

  • is industry backed.

    Mobile Rhino is backed by some of the most reliable names in the industry, including Chartis/AIG and Sedgwick.