ID Theft Restoration Feel Free to Roam Wild!

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Complete Management of Your Identity Recovery Case

If, for any reason, you or an eligible member of your family are a victim of identity theft within the term of the program, a professional Identity Theft Recovery Advocate will manage your recovery process to help restore your name and credit as close as possible to pre-event status. We will handle the follow-up, paperwork, and phone calls for you, through a limited power of attorney authorization.


Internet Monitoring

Internet monitoring provides you with a proactive tool to detect when your personally identifying information (PII) as well as your unique data or credentials, such as your credit card numbers or bank accounts, are being traded by identity thieves on black market web sites, chat rooms and bulletin boards as well as social networking internet sites. Information on these sites is monitored daily and when a breach of your PII is detected, an email alert will be sent to you instructing you to log into your Identity Care Account to view the details of the alert. These alert details will provide you with information you need to determine the severity of the breach and if you need to contact a Recovery Advocate for immediate action.


Employee Blanket Benefit Plan

Comprehensive, fully managed identity theft research and recovery services to ALL employees, owners, officers, and their FAMILIES.