What is Mobile Rhino?


Are you a real insurance product? Absolutely! Mobile Rhino is an insurance product of Stuckey & Company, a speciality insurance provider with 20 years of experience in the insurance industry.

What if my device is already broken? Can I still get Mobile Rhino insurance? Sorry, Mobile Rhino only offers coverage for working devices.

Do you cover iPod touches? Yes! We cover every generation of all iOS devices, including iPads, iPhones and the iPod Touch.

I have the Original iPhone Is that covered? If it’s in good working order, it’s covered with Mobile Rhino.

Does my device have to be brand new? No, you can purchase a Mobile Rhino policy for your device at any time, as long as it’s in working order.

Do you cover jailbroken iPhones? Nope. Mobile Rhino only lets 'unhacked' phones into our herd.

Am I covered while traveling? Yes, we provide worldwide coverage. You can file a claim anywhere on the road via mobile-rhino.com, and we will ship your replacement device to anywhere you are!

How do I get coverage? Search Mobile Rhino in the iTunes App Store and download the app to the device you want to protect. Then, create a login and follow our simple X-step process. Congrats - you’re covered!

How do you cover multiple devices? Once you’ve downloaded the Mobile Rhino app from the iTunes App Store, you’ll create a Mobile Rhino username and password. Any device with the Mobile Rhino app can receive coverage simply through logging in under your username and following instructions.

Do you cover Android, Windows, or Blackberry devices? Not yet, but we’re working on it. Let us know if you’d like to be notified when coverage for these devices becomes available.

How many claims can I file? All Mobile Rhino users can file as many as 2 claims a year.

When does the year start? The year of coverage is based on your sign-up date, not the calendar year. So if you start coverage on March 4th 2013, your coverage will last until March 4th 2014.

What will Mobile Rhino not cover?

Mobile Rhino cannot cover the following:

● Depreciation

● Neglect

● Cosmetic Damage

● Ordinance or Law

● Earth Movement

● Nuclear Hazard

● War

● Virus Interruption of Any Business

● Programming Errors

● Loss of Accounts

● Loss while Being Repaired at a Non-Authorized Facility

● Mysterious Disappearance

● Faulty Construction

Filing a claim

How can I file a claim? All claims are filed online. We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step.

How long will I go without my phone? We’ll overnight a new device to you, provided you submit the claim online by 2pm (EST). We pride ourselves in 24-hour replacement policy.

What if my phone is stolen? First, contact local law enforcement to document the theft. Then file your claim here. Make sure to detail that your device was stolen and we will connect you with our Digital Life protection services for personal privacy monitoring and ID theft protection.

Why can’t I just use Apple Care? Sure, Mobile Rhino covers everything Apple Care does. But we also cover way more, including - loss and theft. Click here to see how Mobile Rhino holds up against Apple Care and other insurance providers.


Do I have to pay for shipping and handling? No. Upon the filing of your claim, we email a return label for you to print and ship the device to us for repair.

What is your coverage territory? The United States of America, the District of Columbia (including all territories and possessions), Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Do you offer special rates for schools and enterprise? Yes! We offer a $99 per device premium for educational institutions and $119 per device premium for businesses. Contact us directly for volume discounts and to discuss large scale deployments.