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Tablets. Smartphones. It doesn’t matter what your device is, with Mobile Rhino’s complete mobile device coverage, we can make sure the tools you need to thrive in today’s highly connected world will be protected – and replaced within 24 to 48 hours. Peace of mind and great customer service is what we offer all of our plan holders. It’s just our way of doing business – better.


It’s your lifeline. In fact, according to USA Today, more than one in four U.S. homes have replaced home phone service with only a wireless phone. Most service providers offer deep discounts on equipment to get users to sign long term contracts.

If you had to replace your smartphone today, do you know how much it would cost? Cell phone replacement and smartphone replacement mid-contract doesn’t come with a discount to apply towards replacing your phone. Without insurance, you may have to shell out the total retail price in order to replace the same model.

Are you ready to protect your lifeline? All models of smartphones running iOS (iPhones) are eligible for coverage. Insure your device now.


Do you find yourself using your tablet more often than your home computer? You’re not alone. According to consumer research firm, Nielsen, 35 percent of desktop users and 32 percent of laptop users report using their computers less in favor of their tablet. We currently cover the world’s most popular tablet, the iPad, and are adding new devices all the time.

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If you would like to be notified when coverage plans for other platforms become available (like Android, Blackberry, webOS, and Windows Mobile), click here.

Protect Your Pad

Intuitive devices like the iPad aren’t fully protected under many mobile device protection plans. Insurance for the iPad, iPad 2 and the iPad mini, become vital when important information is stored on these devices.

Mobile Rhino offers a full 6-point protection plan, assuring that complete iPad insurance is guarding your gear- for business or personal needs. We also offer coverage for all generations of iPhones. Click here to learn more about Mobile Rhino iPad insurance.

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ipad insurance coverage

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With some of the BEST rates of insurance for your iPhone, and a full 6-point protection plan, managed completely through our app, Mobile Rhino’s mobile phone insurance program will make you hard-pressed not to download our plan and give us a try. We also offer coverage for all iPads. Click here to learn more about Mobile Rhino iPhone insurance.