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With the jungle, and with business, safety comes in numbers. Mobile Rhino offers a distinct competitive advantage for organizations wishing to bring a true device protection powerhouse into the fold. Built by a specialty insurer, with deep technical experience, our product and support tools will keep your organization ahead of the curve; guarding against a variety of mobile device mishaps.

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Advantages of Partnering

Whether you are a protective device company, an insurance agent, or a CIO, we have great partnership benefits. We offer our partners discounts, incentives for referrals and revenue sharing options. Contact us today to learn how becoming part of the Mobile Rhino herd can benefit you!

Insurance Agents

Couldn't your business use an additional revenue stream? Partnering with Mobile Rhino gives you the opportunity to be rewarded for every policy you refer to us. Simply provide your customer with your access code to enter when they download the Mobile Rhino App from the App store. Our program creates a lasting partnership that will help you increase not only your revenue, but also your overall customer loyalty. Sign up today to get Mobile Rhino as one of your product offerings, and build your business with a unique policy sold by YOU!

Businesses & Schools

Are you responsible for managing mobile devices for your business or a school?

Mobile Rhino is the only iPhone and iPad insurance program that offers you the ability to manage all your owned devices, which can be a lot of devices to track and confirm coverage. That's where our app makes your task a lot easier.

If you use Mobile Rhino, you will receive a unique access code that will not only give premium credits, but it also allows you to track your insured devices all from one dashboard. Just login and search the system for a user's device(s), see if that user currently has coverage and, if needed, export the data for your systems. It couldn't be simpler to do, and easier to manage.

Become a Partner We want to work with you!